Working with us

Reinventing freight movement

  • We take regular industry practice, then improve it
  • We know you want freight to be an easy, no-hassle process, where your interests are looked after
  • That drives us to find efficiencies and share the savings.

Smarter logistics

  • By working with intermodal storage facilities in Sydney, we smooth our deliveries into port
  • Put simply, it means lower, more predictable shipping costs without the additional stress and charges

Putting freight back on-track 

  •  We operate the Bathurst Intermodal Rail Terminal (BIRT), a strategic freight gateway between Sydney and regional NSW 
  •  The BIRT is a one-stop 6.6 ha. site that combines truck and rail freight facilities with heavy material handling and warehousing capacity.
  •  The BIRT is the lynchpin of our Western Intermodal Network (WIN) of partner facilities throughout western NSW.

Stronger partnerships

  • We partner with Pacific National, Linfox and MCS, giving you the best of local service, with global reach and scale
  • The WIN makes the most of on-hand rolling stock and our network of partner facilities throughout Central Western NSW
  • The WIN allows us to optimise your freight movements, based on time, place and volumes required 

The full service 

  • We provide full export and import services for any commodity, product or project


  • Forestry, fibre, grains and produce
  • Fully compliant export fumigation services for any commodity
  • AQIS-authorised officers on site and NSW EPA-licenced for all export requirements
  •  On-site warehousing available to consolidate part-deliveries or loads 


  • Full-service logistics in place for import containers, including wharf pick-up, rural tailgate, and delivery to your door, wherever you are
  • Container de-stuffing and on-site warehousing available